The Devil's Bridge in Cividale del Friuli

As for the legend, during ancient times the citizens of Cividale met in assembly to devise the way to build a solid stone bridge that would connect the two sides of the river Natisone. Failing to conclude anything, they invoked the Devil. The latter presented himself with red eyes, tail, horns, offering his help for the construction of the bridge. However, he demanded in return the soul of the first person who would have passed through the bridge. The assembly accepted the conditions of the Devil, who built the structure in one night. There was also the intervention of the Malignant's mother who carried a large boulder in her apron (the central pillar of the bridge still rests on it today) and placed it in the middle of the river. The following morning the Devil demanded the reward. However, he was deceived: the people of Cividale had a dog (or cat according to another version of the legend) cross the bridge. The Devil tried to destroy the building but a Cross, followed by the people, put him on the run.

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