The sanctuary of the Beata Vergine di Castelmonte

Going up to Castelmonte means making a pilgrimage, always. Whether you arrive on foot, from Carraria or some other mountain path, whether you arrive by car or by bus. A physical journey, therefore, but above all a spiritual itinerary, capable of 'building' new life. Because of our frantic life, we often forget to come back on our spiritual self: by carrying this journey out, people rediscover the deep meaning of existence. At the same time, it allows us to open up to wider horizons than our eyes see, to open up to the mystery of religion. Therefore, the pilgrimage, like every journey, is an itinerary of liberation. In reality, on this physical and spiritual journey it is God who makes his way in our lives, if only we know how to make silence and live the various moments with faith. For this reason, the road that leads to the sanctuary is not an empty wandering, but is accompanied by the mystery of the encounter between God and man. In fact, the road that leads from the plain to the Sanctuary is marked by the capitals of the Rosary, which is guided by the mysteries of the life of Christ. Once you reach the sanctuary everything leads to him, the meaning of our actions, thinking, loving. 'Woman, here is your Son'.

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