Museum of art of the medal and of the city of Buja

The Museum of Art of the Medal and of the City of Buja aims to represent the territory through archaeological evidence and historical-artistic works. The exhibition of art medals was born in honor of the Masters and Engravers who honored Buja and Friuli throughout the world in the twentieth century. It has been enriched over time by the presence of numerous works by artists known nationally and internationally. The Museum allows you to know the truth of the topics dealt with in the bronze works. Mergers and minting constitute an admirable synthesis of the events that have transformed Friuli and Contemporary Italy. The section dedicated to Bujese Masters and Engravers is focused on the knowledge of Bujese authors, while the part entitled ‘The earthquake in the medal’, it is a tribute to Friuli in memory of the earthquake that shocked Friuli in 1976. Here are depicted facts and emotions in over one hundred and twenty works created and donated by fifty Italian artists. The didactic exhibition ‘How a medal is born’ completes the path of understanding. Local history of its first settlement is reconstructed through archaeological findings, object testimonies, didactic panels and videos: this is a representation of an ancient territory, strategically relevant already in prehistoric times, because it was an obligatory passage for anyone wishing to reach the sea or those moving towards the mountains.

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